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Category: Entertainment

15 September

The hustle and bustle of daily life can be stressful. From work to family obligations, it can be hard to find time to relax. However, taking some time for yourself now and then is essential. Relaxation allows you to recharge and refocus, so you can tackle whatever comes your way with a clear head. One […]

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30 September

  Getting a second date in today’s day in age can be impossible. A one night tinder date usually only lasts one night. Don’t believe the dating app ads: in the 21st century world of dating, few things are as simple as swiping right. It’s pretty easy (almost too easy) to present yourself in the […]

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31 August

Everyone loves a man who knows how to dress, but what about a guy who knows how to dress and plays football for the best team in the NFL? That’s what we call the ultimate man crush. Just in case these guys didn’t make you swoon before, we compiled a list of the most fashion-forward Patriots […]

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10 February

Almost all modern industries nowadays are under the influence of social media bloggers—with the fashion industry being one of the biggest examples. These fashion blogs are working with national and multinational brands as brand ambassadors earning millions of fans. We have gathered Top Five Fashion Bloggers for you who could be followed as an inspiration because of […]

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